Tel: 023(672)1212
Fax: 023(672)1216
1-33 Shinyu, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata-Ken, 999-3141
Check-in: 15:00
Check-out: 10:00


Train : 13 minutes' walk from Kaminoyama Onsen Station (Yamagata Shinkansen), or 3 minutes by taxi.
Car : From Yamagata Zao IC (Yamagata Highway), 18kms south on Route 13.
Air : 50 minutes by taxi from Yamagata Airport.
Parking : Spaces for 200 private cars and 20 coaches.

Pick-up service available from Kaminoyama Onsen Station ( by reservation only)

Information about the hotel.

Buildings : Honmaru, Kitanomaru
Guest rms : 85 Japanese rooms / 10 single rooms, 1 twin room / 6 special rooms / 1 presidential suite
Bath : Large public bath 'Yuzuru,' outdoor bath, sauna (male and female)
Facilities : Party Rooms (14 ~ 300 tatami mat size), Convention Hall (buffet room for 600), 20 private dining rooms, bar lounge, karaoke room, izakaya (Japanese style pub), coffee lounge (with LAN accessibility), shops, post bathing salon, relaxation room, aromatherapy 'esthetic' salon, children's room.
Room rates : From \12,500 ~ \52,650
Meals : Inclusive dinner available in guest room, party room or restaurant.
Inclusive breakfast available in guest room or restaurant.

Hot Spring

The baths contain sodium, calcium, chloride, sulfates (inc. gypsum and salts). Temperature is 69℃. Beneficial for neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritis, shoulder stiffness, bruising, sprains, chill sensitivity, cuts, female disorders, arteriosclerosis, and so on.

Salon De Mina is a women's only 'esthetic' salon, available by reservation. With Japanese and Western style rooms facing the garden so as to enjoy the changing seasons.

Established in 1644 (Shoho 1) originally as Sakaiya Ryokan, Tsukioka Hotel is located in Akayu, Nanyo City. In 1922 (Taisho 11) the 15th generation of Sakaiya Ryokan moved to Kaminoyama Onsen. From its beginnings, it has been noted for its very warm hospitality. The name of the hotel, situated in the vicinity of Kaminoyama Castle, comes from the alternative name for the Castle, namely Tsukioka.

The two wings of the hotel named Honmaru and Kitanomaru, contain rooms including the Special rooms, in both Japanese and Western styles. The 'esthetic' Salon has a balcony from which guests can experience the natural light and greenery of nature in a private setting.  Facilities include spacious indoor bath, outdoor bath, post bathing salon, relaxation room, massage area and a 24 hour child care center 'Baby Kid's Club,' and so on.

The owners have always had a love of art and over the generations have assembled many Japanese paintings, oil paintings and sculptures created by local artists which are displayed throughout the hotel. Dinner, containing local seasonal delicacies, welcomes the guests. Delicious local sakes (Japanese rice wine) and wines help enhance the pleasure of your trip.

The outdoor bath with a view of a Japanese garden set in the outer moat of Kaminoyama Castle.

Adult Rates

Special Rooms

Presidential Suite 'Kangetsu' One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room,
charge per person: \52,650 ~
Senkeien 'Hinoki' One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room,
charge per person: \52,650 ~
Senkeien 'Hagi' One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room,
depending on room type, charge per person:
\26,400~\36,900. Please inquire.
Senkeien 'Take' One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room.
Senkeien 'Fuyo' One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room.
Senkeien 'Katsura' One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room.
Senkeien 'Tsuta' One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room.

Standard Rooms

Basic Charge
Honmaru ① One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room: per person \16,950~
Honmaru ② One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room: per person \14,850~
Kitanomaru One night, with dinner and breakfast, 2 person room: per person \21,150~
Single One night, with breakfast, single room \8,025~

* Dinner can be provided upon request.
* From December 28th to January 2nd, reservation inquiries must be made directly to the hotel.
* Fridays in December carry an additional charge of \3,150.
* Saturdays and days prior to national holidays carry an additional charge of \3,150.
* Please be aware that prices may vary according to the calendar.
* Consumption tax of 5%, hot spring tax (adults \150) and service charge are included.

Children's Rates

Applicable to all plans

  • Junior high school age and above.
    Same as adult rate.
  • Elementary school 3rd grade ~ 6th grade.
    70% of adult rate. dinner: 'Children's Dinner.'
  • 3 yrs ~ elementary school 2nd grade.
    50% of adult rate. dinner: 'Kid's Menu.'
  • 1~2 yrs
    Please choose one of the following options:
    - 30% of adult rate (only
    bedding is provided).
    Hotel user fee: \840.
    (Kid's Menu for breakfast and dinner) - \4,200 + hotel user fee
    (Kid's Menu for dinner)
    - \3,675 + hotel user fee.
  • Less than 1 year : hotel user fee is not required.

Details are supplied upon reservation.

*Children are exempt from paying hot spring tax.

Hotel Regulations


  1. Payment can be made by authorized currencies, traveler’s checks, hotel coupons or credit card. Payment should be made at the front desk at checkout time or at a time specified by the hotel. Please inquire if you wish to make payment by a method not listed above.
  2. Checks other than traveler’s checks are not accepted.
  3. When adding to your room tab e.g. at the bar, please show your room key.
  4. Under special circumstances, guests may be asked to leave a deposit on arrival.

*Other information is available in the hotel regulations.

Accommodation Rules

Hotel Registration

Upon arrival guests have to register the following at Reception:

  1. Name, age, sex, address and occupation.
  2. In the case of foreign guests; nationality, passport number, airport of entry and date of entry. (The hotel will take a copy of the passport.)
  3. Time and date of departure.
  4. Any further information requested by the hotel.

2 For guests who wish to pay by a method other than stipulated in section 12 (traveler's checks, hotel coupons, credit card), please inform the hotel staff upon checking-in.

Penalties for Cancellation (Article 6, Section 2)
Cancellation date /
No. of guests
No show Same day 1 Day prior 2 days Prior 3 days prior 5 days prior 6 days prior 7 days prior 8 days prior 14 days prior 15 days prior 30 days prior
Up to 14 100% 100% 50% 30% 30%              
15~30 100% 100% 50% 30% 30% 30%            
31~ 100 100% 100% 80% 50% 30% 30% 20% 20% 10% 10%    
Over 100 100% 100% 80% 50% 50% 30% 30% 30% 15% 15% 10% 10%


  1. % refers to the percentage of the basic rate.
  2. In case of a foreshortened stay, one day's basic rate will be charged.
  3. In the case of a group tour of over 15 people in which 10% or more of the group cancels their reservation 10 days or more prior to checking in, normal cancellation charges per person, will apply. If the number of cancellations is less than 10%, then no cancellation charges will apply. (Any fraction of a percent is rounded up.)

*Other rules are based on guidelines set down by the International Hotel Tourist Association.